Sauer System

Yoke System

Accurate, on-the-fly adjustments

Instead of using a typical yoke wear plate configuration with carbon wear buttons or metal shims, Sauer have developed a yoke wear plate with a spring-loaded composite block mechanism that allows for on-the-fly adjustment of the width of the blocks. The cut-away diagram shows the internal spring. The wear blocks are held close with an end blot. When the composite block pieces wear down, you can simply loosen the bolt, and the pieces will spring out to compensate for the wear, and can then be bolted tight again. The ability to make this adjustment on the fly by simply loosening and tightening two bolts means adjustments will be made more often and will be accurate.

The Sauer Shoe System Advantage

  • Longer life of heads
  • Higher quality slots
  • Longer life of male and female slotting knives
  • Reduced maintenance and downtime
  • Longer life of yoke blocks
  • Adapts to heads with worn yoke grooves
  • No longer needing to purchase pricey carbon or brass buttons
  • Noise reduction during production
  • Easy visual inspection
  • Superior material characteristics

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