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Creasing Heads and Rings

  • The G3 system will help produce a consistent, well-defined crease line
  • G3 male and female yoked scoring assemblies
  • Traditional creasing
  • M652 profile comparison

G3 Creasing

Traditional creasing profiles were designed for a time when board was made from paper containing mainly virgin fibre. Today’s board contains a high percentage of recycled content and is made with lightweight liners. Pairing traditional creasing profiles with recycled board can lead to rolling scores, manufacturer’s gap variation, and trouble achieving a consistent crease line.

The new G3 system was specifically designed to improve creasing and folding when converting recycled board and other challenging materials.

While traditional male profiles force the board to stretch around the insert during creasing, leading to rolling and cracking, the G3 male profile incorporates specific geometry which conditions the board and provides relief for the inside liner. The result is improved folding, a proven reduction in manufacturer’s gap variation and a higher quality finished product.

The system features a replaceable tapered insert, available in various heights depending on the application.

Creasing Tips

  • Sauer System recommends creasing against 70 durometer or 80 durometer polyurethane for all creasing applications.
  • When troubleshooting folding and creasing issues, first ensure sheets are being fed correctly through the press. No creasing profile will make up for skewed sheets. To check for skew, collect one or more creased sheets after they have left the slot/score section but before they enter the folding section. Fold them in half along the centre crease line and check to ensure the operator side and drive side edges match up. Not matching up correctly is evidence of a skewing issue.
  • Ensure the crease lines are being made at the centre of the slots. When running 3/8” slots, the crease line should be centered 3/16” from either side of both the lead and trial slot. If the crease line is offset, the slotter heads and creasing heads should be realigned.

Traditional Creasing

Sauer System continues to manufacture and support the traditional “Sauer style” creasing profile which features a three-piece assembly with a .050” wide replaceable scoring bead available in various heights.

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