Sauer System

T-Slot Heads and Anvils

  • T-Slot Head
  • Anvil
  • Typical Arrangement for Hand Hole Cutting
  • Hand Hole Holder
  • Tear Tape Holder
  • V-Cut Holder
  • Vent Hole Holder

Sauer System T-Slot heads and anvils, known throughout the industry as “Sauer Heads” or “Sauer Attachments”, allow for a flexible system of rotary die cutting on printer-slotters and flexo folder-gluers. Common applications include hand holes, vent holes, tear tape cuts, and five panel folders. Custom designed aluminium dies are also available and T-Slot heads can also be used to hold wood dies.

Quick set-ups are assured by Sauer System’s Kam-Lok mechanism which provides easy installation, removal, and repositioning of the heads. Heads can be installed or removed in a matter of minutes and loosened for repositioning on the shaft with a quarter turn of a locking screw.

Most T-Slot heads are made from heat treated aluminium. Where weight is not a significant factor, cast iron is used. T-Slot heads are index stamped to match existing slotter heads on the shaft for quick set-up of holders.

Sauer System anvils are made from heat treated aluminium. Anvils are available in a variety of widths and can butt flush against one another to create a wider anvil surface. With combinations of anvil available, there is virtually no job limitation due to size restrictions.

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