Fuji Shoko

Steel Doctor Blades in Printing

Steel Doctor Blades for Quality Flexo Printing & Coating Applications

Steel Doctor Hi-Blade® is are doctor blades in printing manufactured under stringent quality control, from materials to sharpening and final inspection. With decades of experience and knowledge, these quality steel doctor blade products always go above and beyond customers’ expectations.

Steel Doctor Hi-Blade®​

Hardness: 580-600Hv

 high-purity, high carbon steel alloy

Stainless Steel Doctor Blade

Hardness: 590Hv

corrosion resistant stainless-steel alloy

Gold Doctor Hi-Blade®

Hardness: 620Hv

 tempered steel alloy

Back Up Doctor Blade

 support the blade’s pressure adjustment

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Edge Profiles


Flexible blade edge with a better fit along the roll and uniform doctoring


slight slope for stable contact and durability at high pressure

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Manufactured by Fuji Shoko

Fuji Shoko is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality doctor blades produced with the utmost precision and extreme durability. With over 55 years of tradition, they have developed technology and quality standards to meet the highest expectations of global customers in printing and coating. View more Fuji Shoko solutions available through UMS, here.

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