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Ceramic Doctor Blades Flexo Printing

Ceramic Doctor Blades for Quality Flexo Printing & Coating Applications

Ceramic Doctor Hi-Blade® is a high quality ceramic-coated doctor blade for flexo printing and coating, offering excellent resistance against wear and abrasion. The special ceramic coating improves metering quality and blade life. Since introduced as the world’s first rolled ceramic-coated doctor blade in the 1980s, Fuji Shoko has improved the quality to earn the trust of global customers as a pioneer in ceramic coatings.

K Ceramic Doctor HQ®

Hardness: 850-900Hv

Essential for high-speed, long-run printing

Roots Doctor Blade

Hardness: 850-900Hv

High lubricity for smooth sliding and doctoring

Soft Doctor Blade

Hardness: 650-700Hv

Reduced hardness for lower cylinder contact

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Edge Profiles


Flexible blade edge with a better fit along the roll and uniform doctoring


slight slope for stable contact and durability at high pressure

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Manufactured by Fuji Shoko

Fuji Shoko is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality doctor blades produced with the utmost precision and extreme durability. With over 55 years of tradition, they have developed technology and quality standards to meet the highest expectations of global customers in printing and coating. View more Fuji Shoko solutions available through UMS, here.

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