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Carbon Fiber Doctor Blade Chamber System

Carbon Fiber Doctor Blade Chambers Made for Precision & Performance

BFT doctor blade chamber

The pinnacle of precision and performance in the world of printing: BFT Carbon Fiber Doctor Blade Chambers.  Most doctor blade units are made with aluminum materials that are known to warp and corrode when in contact with water-based inks. 

BFT Carbon doctor blade chambers are developed using advanced carbon fiber materials ensuring they are corrosion resistant, lightweight and durable for over 10 years of production!

Thanks to the high surface tension of the material, you can reduce maintenance and downtime for cleaning considering ink does not adhere to the surface like with traditional aluminum chambers. 

The different profiles are specially designed for every type of application, from inking to coating. BFT creates made-to-measure profiles at the customer’s request and can convert doctor blade units in aluminium with state-of-the-art carbon fibre units.

carbon fiber doctor blade chamber

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Doctor Blade Chamber Features & Benefits

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Custom Doctor Blade Chambers Available

BFT Group can refurbish your aluminum doctor blade chamber without changing your unit. We can remove your old aluminum doctor blade body and replace it with an advanced carbon fiber doctor blade unit from BFT carbon.

The replacement is custom to your unit and takes only few minutes!

Investing in carbon fiber chambers is easier than ever with BFT Carbon and UMS Australasia!

flexo ink chamber system

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Manufactured by BFT Carbon

A complete inking system (inking and washing system + doctor blade unit) is also required by the OEMs. BFT Carbon is born to always have innovation among its products, it is a cutting-edge product made of carbon fibre with inside sensors able to communicate with the BFT Flexo system to optimise the process. View more BFT Carbon solutions available through UMS, here.

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