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Corrugated Adhesive Glue Sets

Advanced Ceramic Corrugated Adhesive Glue Sets

corrugated glue set CAE

CAE produces high quality ceramic glue sets that deliver accurate and controlled starch/glue applications, job after job, time after time. Due to their advanced precisionin ceramic technology, in combination with advanced high definition laser engraving, CAE can produce tighter tolerances than that of conventional glue sets. This helps you to improve corrugated board quality while reducing your starch and glue consumption.

The difference between a production run that produced warped or “washboarded” corrugated boards or one that delivers straight, smooth corrugated boards can be as simple as controlling a few thousandths of an inch gap between the glue applicator and the doctoring rollers!

CAE’s Advanced Ceramic Glue Sets help you control the gap without the fear of insufficient gluing or crashing. How?

By using cutting edge coating and laser engraving technologies our customers are seeing the difference these technological advances deliver over the copper chrome glue sets predominantly in service.

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CAE Corrugated Adhesive Glue Sets

The images below show the uniform deposit of glue using CAE advanced ceramic glue sets.

CAE corrugated glue sets

Conventional Corrugated Glue Sets

The images below show the glue application using a conventional line pattern glue set

conventional corrugated adhesive set

CAE Corrugated Glue Sets Features & Benefits

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