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Anvilok III Systems

Anvilok III Glue Lap Systems

The Dicar Anvilok III glue lap system converts steel to steel to the soft cutting of glue laps. This saves excessive wear on shaft bearings and extends the life of cross cut knives. Further, it prevents damage to the head through excessive knife pressure. This system can also be adapted to existing soft cut systems.

Anvilok III Hand Hole Systems

The Anvilok III hand hole system inexpensively adds die cutting capabilities to flexo-folder-gluers and printer-slotters. By mounting the Anvilok III on the slotting shafts, hand holes and other useful diecut configurations can be accomplished right on the machine. This can eliminate the necessity of a second pass on another machine or the addition of an expensive separate diecutting section. Like our Equalizer, Anvilok III incorporates Dicar’s exclusive slip bearing for self-indexing cutting accuracy. A side oscillation option is also available.

The Anvilok III can be supplied for most existing machines to convert virtually any printer-slotter or flex-folder-gluer to rotary cutting or soft anvil glue lap cutting.

Glue Tab Removal System

Never have another load returned for scrap in the glue joint!

The Dicar Glue Tab Removal System offers an economic means to ensure 100% glue tab removal on scrap critical jobs. Two non-damaging rotary brushes remove hanging tabs and other scrap from the glue tab area to ensure a clean, scrap-free glue joint.

The system consists of the tab removal unit (two non-damaging rotary brushes driven by quiet, low maintenance, low volume pneumatic motors), a user friendly control panel that may be mounted at any position convenient to the operation of the unit and brackets and hardware for installation.

Installation usually takes less than one day and can typically be completed by in-house maintenance technicians.

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