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Dicar makes custom wheels designed precisely for your application. We can quickly meet your request with a wheel engineered and fabricated with the physical properties demanded by your specific need.

Because of our unique proprietary formulations and manufacturing processes, Dicar has grown to become the leader in supplying parts to the corrugated box industry. In fact, Dicar parts are found on more new machines than the parts of any other manufacturer/supplier of urethane products.

Lead Edge & Wrap-On Wheels

Dicar Lead Edge Wheels are produced to meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications for all current feed tables. Proprietary formulations are utilized that achieve the highest coefficient of friction with the longest possible wear life. This provides for more consistent registration and does not require frequent change-overs.

Dicar’s “Wrap-On Wheels” have a dramatic effect on downtime. Typical maintenance change-over time on a heavily used feed table has been reduced from 4 to 6 hours, to less than one hour. This savings comes primarily from the Wrap-On Wheels’ elimination of the need to remove the shafts and/or hubs during change-over. Additionally, Dicar’s exclusive wheel design and urethane formulation greatly improve registration by eliminating slippage on the hub, thereby providing another saving during change-over times.

Crushless® Wheels

Crushless wheels from Dicar range from two to thirteen inches in diameter. They can be configured with press-in bearings or to stretch over hubs. We maintain most popular sizes in stock and can produce custom wheels to meet your needs. The high flexural modulus structure and formulation of our Crushless wheels provides long life while eliminating damage to the board.

Creasers and Creaser Profiles

Popular Creasing profiles are a stock item at Dicar. Our light-weight co-cast creasers are made to order.

Because of our unique formulation, our creasing material provides a consistent crease while rebounding to its original shape.

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