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Triple Wall Creasing Heads

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  • G3 Triple Wall Male Scorer
  • G3 Triple Wall Female Scorer
  • Traditional TW Male SLV
  • Traditional TW Female SLV

Triple-Wall Creasing Heads and Rings

Sauer System offers creasing heads and rings for triple wall and heavy double wall applications.

Triple wall creasing heads and rings feature a significantly wider creasing profile with wider shoulders for additional crush and a wider scoring bead. Although intended for creasing triple wall and heavy duty double wall board, the creasers will work equally well on single wall and lighter grades of board. There is no need to switch out scorers when changing board thicknesses.

Both traditional and G3 triple wall creasers are available.

G3 Triple Wall Creasers

The G3 triple wall profile is based on the popular G3 creasing profile and utilizes the same concept: relief for the inside liner to create a more consistent fold when converting board with high recycled content.

Traditional Triple Wall Creasers

The traditional creasing profile is a wider version of the traditional Sauer System M33 scoring profile. Both the male and female profiles are 1-3/4” wide.

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