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Slotter Heads and Trim Knife Hubs

  • Upper Slotter Head 1
  • Upper Slotter Head 2
  • Lower Slotter Head
  • Slitter Hub

Slotting and Slitting Heads

Sauer System manufactures high quality, precision machined slotter and slitter heads.

Upper and Lower Slotter Heads

Upper slotter heads are permanently index stamped, plated to prevent corrosion, and feature a dowel pin at the split line which assures perfect circular bore alignment. T-bolt assemblies are included with our slotter heads.

Lower slotter heads come as assemblies with slotting blades and a spacer when requested. Lower heads are also available without blades.

Yoked and manual set designs are both available. Where possible, yoked slotter heads can be designed as assemblies with yoke wear blades installed. Manual set slotter heads feature a brass tip assembly set-screw design which allows the operator to clamp the head in place without damaging the shaft.

Female Slotting Blades and Spacers

Sauer System’s female slotting blades and spacers are manufactured from high quality tool steel for a longer lasting cutting edge. All blades are machined true to maintain a consistent shearing surface, with special attention paid to tolerances and face run-out. The result is cleaner cutting and extended life of the knives which cut against the blades.

Slitter Hubs

Sauer System manufactures trim knife hubs for printer-slotters, flexo folder-gluers, corrugators, and floor slitters. Hubs are made from cast iron, plated the prevent corrosion, and precision machined to minimize knife runout and ensure proper slitting. A knife will only run as true as the hub to which it’s mounted.

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