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  • Precision Anilox Timing

Also known as “One to One Inking” this retrofit provides a simple system that accurately controls the anilox roll timing on the first and last sheet of every stack. A very simple controls retrofit that eliminates the issues of first and last sheet colour variations in a stack. Our package is very simple and has some great advantages over our competition including price and performance.

First, we completely eliminate the costly feed sync cards used on the Ward, Sun and Prime lead edge feeders. We install one simple high speed proxy sensor and then we provide the customer with a simple input for a Single Sheet Feed switch. Mount as many of these as you like. This is very welcomed by the operators and provides a great way to reduce waste. The retrofit is easily installed in one day and mostly consists of wiring an Allen Bradley Micrologix 1200 into the feed circuit.

This system is extremely precise and has some other unique features. If first and/or last sheet coverage is causing problems Precision Anilox Timing will fix this and go a long way to maintaining satisfied customers.

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