New Automatic Flat Bed DC

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New automatic flatbed die cutter JINYA ZETI TECHCUT SR-1650 SL

With maximum speed of 5.500 pieces/ hour the new JINYA ZETI TECHCUT SR-1650 SL is one of the leading machines in converting corrugated/ solid board in its class. Comprising a Lead-Edge-Feeder or high precision Long Feeder with high pressure punching and bigger size and fast order change (Centerline II).

Technical data

  • Speed: 5.500 pieces/ hour
  • Max. Size: 1.200 x 1.650 mm
  • Min. Size: 450 x 650 mm
  • Max. Punch Size: 1.180 x 1.630 mm
  • Max. Pressure: 450 t
  • Material (corrugated board): 1- 9 mm
  • Material (solid board): from 1 mm

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