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MUV-Trolley Retrieval

  • MUV-Trolley Retrieval

Shopping Trolley & Airport Cart Pusher/Retrieval

Based on the MUV chassis, this pedestrian operated, electric tug is specifically designed to assist in trolley and cart collection / retrieval at supermarkets and airports.


  • Pedestrian operated, electric tug
  • No driving licence is required for operation
  • Strobe light comes standard
  • Capable of moving over 100 supermarket trolleys at one time, space permitting
  • Fully adjustable front attachment to fit any design of trolley and cart

Typical applications

  • Supermarket trolley/Shopping trolley collection
  • Airport cart/Luggage cart/Baggage trolley/Luggage Trolley retrieval


  • Motor: 1200W, 24V DC with 125A programmable controller
  • Batteries: 2 x EM90AHr, sealed VRLA, Gel, IATA Approved
  • Battery Charger: On-board, IP68 Waterproof, Multi-Input Voltage 2 x 10A output
  • Wheels/Tyres: Foam-Filled, Puncture-Proof, 16×6.5-8
  • Braking: Regenerative & Electromagnetic as standard
  • Speed – Max Forward: 6 km/h, Max Reverse: 3 km/h
  • Speed – Max Reverse: 3 km/h

Other features

  • Keyswitch off/on
  • Variable Twist-Grip Throttle
  • Dead-Man’s handle
  • Radio Control when laden
  • Battery Gauge
  • Strobe


Motion Bleeper, Strobe, Headlights, Electric Winch, Stainless Steel, Electric Lift for Ball Hitch, Electromagnetic Brake, ATEX Zone 1

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