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Jam Detection Upgrade

A universal system that can easily be installed on any make/model Flexo Folder Gluer or Die Cutter. Jams are very costly to the production process because they generate large amounts of waste and can require significant down time to clear up the jam. On many machines, physical damage can and does occur when large jams happen. With our Jam Detection upgrade, the operator can stay focused on the quality of the product and not be fixated on the feed interrupt or machine stop switch. Let the lightning fast plc detect the jams and minimize the wasted sheets and time needed to resume running. It’s a simple and stand alone upgrade that’s a phone call away.

  • Extremely fast jam detection times
  • Immediate feed interrupt and/or machine off response to jams
  • Simple one day installation
  • Universal – the same package can be installed across the plant
  • Maintenance friendly and simple
  • Operator friendly and simple
  • Affordable

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