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HD Trailer Mover

  • Heavy Duty Trailer Mover
  • HD Trailer Mover with NATO hitch
  • HD Trailer Mover towing Ground Support Equipment GSE
  • HD Trailer mover towing 1,000Kg boat trailer up slipway in Sweden
  • HD Trailer Movers with 50mm ball hitch ready for export
  • HD Trailer Mover pulling 2,000Kg boat trailer up slipway in Sweden

Heavy Duty Trailer Mover is used by customers in the manufacturing, military & civilian airport ground handling sectors & even being used at boat ramps in Yachting/Boating Marinas.


  • Can be fitted with a variety of towing hitches/universal couplings and drop pin style hitches
  • Removes the need for ride-on tugs and tractor units
  • Used by the military when fitted with a NATO style hitch
  • No exhaust fumes, handlebar vibration or engine noise
  • Main components are waterproof, enabling both indoor and outdoor operation
  • No operator license required

Typical applications

  • Ideal for the towing of vehicles, industrial trailers or trolleys
  • Perfect for military & civilian airport ground handling services
  • Launching & retrieving boats/yachts from boat ramps/slipways
  • Moving basically anything that has a 50mm Ball Hitch, Pintle Hitch, NATO Hitch or Tractor Hitch


  • Motor: 1.5Kw, 36V DC with 200A programmable controller
  • Batteries: 3 x EM90AHr, sealed VRLA, Gel, IATA approved
  • Battery Charger: On-Board, IP68 Waterproof, Multi-Input Voltage, 3 x 10A output
  • Wheels/Tyres: Foam-Filled & Puncture-Proof
  • Braking: Regenerative as standard

Other features

  • Keyswitch off/on
  • Variable Throttle
  • Emergency Reverse Belly Button
  • Horn
  • Battery Gauge
  • Main Isolator Fuse


Motion Bleeper, Strobe, Headlights, Electric Winch, Stainless Steel, Electric Lift for Ball Hitch, Electromagnetic Brake, ATEX Zone 1

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