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  • PowerHandling A-Series
  • A25S - A30S Model
  • A25S - A30S Model Dimensions
  • A40S - A60S Model
  • A40S - A60S Model Dimensions

A Premium, Heavy Duty Series featuring two of PowerHandling’s unique, worldwide Patented features:

    • Direct Drive: for a zero-maintenance drive system
    • Pivoting Rear Axle: Providing the unique ability to roll loads both forward (away from operator) & backwards (towards the operator)

All assembled into an even more compact and fully-enclosed frame.

A-Series A25S, A30S, A40S & A60S

Direct Drive Design

PowerHandling’s patented Direct Drive design houses the motor and planetary gearbox “inside” the drive roller, providing three major benefits:

      1. The drive system requires no maintenance whatsoever
      2. The drive system is fully enclosed, protecting it from damage
      3. The total space taken by the motor-gearbox and drive roller is halved, greatly reducing the overall size of the machine

The result is a more compact, heavy duty and reliable machine.

Enclosed Design with All-Welded Steel Chassis

PowerHandling’s All-Welded Chassis is a “box-style” design that encloses all airlines and connectors within the frame, protecting them from impact or debris. This seam welded construction is more expensive than using simple bolt-secured rods as cross-ties, but it provides substantially more structural integrity and strength. The frame is also point-load reinforced and hard chrome plated.

Pivoting Rear Axle (Allows Pushing & Pulling)

PowerHandling’s patented Pivoting Rear Axle design allows the handle shaft to be pivoted forward over the machine, allowing a load to then be “pulled” back towards the operator (in addition to the normal “pushing” of a load forwards, “away” from the operator). This feature can be a huge benefit when pulling heavy rolls out of a take-up or away from a wall and convenient when separating rolls.

Also available is a Centre Mounted, Straight Handle option for when a ‘Pusher Bracket’ or Hybrid Bracket’ is required, the Hybrid Bracket is used to both roll loads forwards and then push them laterally.

Heavy-Duty Handle Shaft-To-Chassis Connection

PowerHandling’s extremely Heavy-Duty Handle-to-Base Coupling design is so strong, it is virtually indestructible from mechanical abuse. In fact since its introduction, we’ve not heard of a single in-field failure! This coupling design allows smooth rotation while eliminating the possibility of air leaks.

Large Diameter Rear Wheels

PowerHandling’s Large Diameter Rear Wheels are the key to their quick and easy manoeuvring. These 100mm diameter, solid steel, polyurethane surfaced wheels feature large double sealed ball bearings riding on 20mm solid steel axles. The result is an extremely heavy-duty package that provides very smooth rolling and exceptional manoeuvrability.

Rotary Vane Air Motor And 3-Stage Planetary Gearbox

PowerHandling’s Rotary Vane Air Motor is well suited to high duty cycle and stall (or near-stall) applications (more so than battery technology machines). As a rotary vane air motor reaches stall, the air passing through it cools the motor, unlike a battery operated machine where the stalled amps are converted to heat, which has numerous negative side-effects. The 3-stage Inline Planetary Gearbox provides exceptional torque for moving heavy loads.

Telescoping Handle Shaft (Length and Orientation)

PowerHandling’s unique Telescoping Handle Shaft allows the operator to instantly adjust handle height and handle orientation according to their own height and personal operating preference. Additionally, the 30mm diameter steel tubing of the lower handle body greatly improves the handle shaft’s strength, preventing it from bending under load.

High Traction Rollers

PowerHandling’s High Traction Support Roller features a grooved herringbone profile for maximum traction, well suited to wet and high debris environments. The Fluoro Orange, high quality, US-manufactured, polyurethane surface provides long wear life. The highest torque A40S model has an extended width for even greater traction. Additionally, the chassis is reinforced at the support roller axle shaft to better support the shaft under high load conditions.

Specifications – A25S

      • Estimated Max Load – Cable, Flat: 12.8 Metric Tonnes
      • Estimated Max Load – Paper, Flat: 6.7 Metric Tonnes
      • Estimated Max Load – Paper, Lift: 4.8 Metric Tonnes
      • Speed Unloaded: 24 m/min

Specifications – A30S

      • Estimated Max Load – Cable, Flat: 15.1 Metric Tonnes
      • Estimated Max Load – Paper, Flat: 8.0 Metric Tonnes
      • Estimated Max Load – Paper, Lift: 5.7 Metric Tonnes
      • Speed Unloaded: 17 m/min

Specifications – A40S

      • Estimated Max Load – Cable, Flat: 19.4 Metric Tonnes
      • Estimated Max Load – Paper, Flat: 10.2 Metric Tonnes
      • Estimated Max Load – Paper, Lift: 7.3 Metric Tonnes
      • Speed Unloaded: 15 m/min

Specifications – A60S

    • Estimated Max Load – Cable, Flat: 28.1 Metric Tonnes
    • Estimated Max Load – Paper, Flat: 14.8 Metric Tonnes
    • Estimated Max Load – Paper, Lift: 10.6 Metric Tonnes
    • Speed Unloaded: 10 m/min

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